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Hotel Royal Beitou
Business Meetings
Hotel Royal Beitou Meeting Plans

The vacation meetings are currently the popular trend for meetings in Europe and the United States. Enterprises use the vacation meetings to present ideas, plan and develop blueprints! The experience of the team-building activities builds team morale during the vacation and increases cohesion to give the team renewed spirit!

The only 99-m2 conference hall at the hotel exclusively takes on the services of 1 group meeting to provide planning of customized meeting itineraries, multiple team-building activities and meeting gifts to truly inherit the spirit of being corporate butlers!

【All-day Meeting Plan (includes breakfast and dinner), prices start at NTD $12,000】

-One night room
-Provide venue for all-day meeting
-Two refreshment services
-1 Teambuilding activity
-1 customized meeting gift
-Semi-buffet breakfast

【Single-day Meeting Plan, prices start from NTD $1,600】

◎ For more details about the Meeting Plans or if you wish to reserve a meeting plan, please contact the dedicated Business Marketing Department’s dedicated line at (02)2896-9777