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Hotel Royal Beitou
Hotel Royal Beitou has carefully crafted a series of exercise and stress-relief courses to be used for health therapy. From dawn to dusk, indoors and out, you can freely enjoy the pleasure that exercise brings.

Our fitness room is the first in Taiwan to use virtual reality exercise software. We offer an exclusive series of fitness classes designed by professional trainers, from the most basic to high-intensity aerobic spinning. We also have a wide range of relaxation classes, including various types of yoga, stretching classes, and breathing/mind-cleansing classes.

In addition to our indoor classes, we have also developed an off-the-beaten-track tour of the picturesque scenery of Beitou, where you can explore the natural landscape while our instructors guide your workout.

●Located on the 11th floor

●Capacity: 8–10 people

●Open from 7:00 to 22:00

●Please Note: Please wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the class you are taking. Some classes require indoor shoes. If you do not have any, our service staff can supply you with a pair.

Fitness & Recreation Studio(Jan.-March 2021)

Beitou Advanture-Rehai Danfeng Mountain